This morning, Kyle and Jackie O spoke to opposition leader Bill Shorten, who gave us an update about what the government is focusing on.

Firstly, he addressed that photo of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at the footy nursing his granddaughter as he sips on a beer.

Multitasking at the footy. #goswans @sydneyswans

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The photo attracted outrage from some people, but Bill was quick to hose down any outrage: ‘I thought that was just a beat up, I rang him [Malcolm Turnbull] and told him I thought it was a beat-up.’

Then, he spoke about the marriage equality postal vote.


‘I know people are angry that it’s costing millions, but it is what it is, so let’s get it done.’

‘The marriage legislation has changed 20 times, I don’t see why strangers should get to vote on a gay person’s relationship,’ he said.

Then, the boldest, most amazing claim of all…

‘If I’m elected Prime Minister, I’ll just make it happen… I’ll just legislate it in the first 100 days.’

It seems a vote for Bill Shorten is most definitely a vote for marriage equality.

He’s not messing around… and we LOVE IT!!!

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