This morning Kyle and Jackie O caught up with Sam after he was given the boot on last night’s episode of the Bachelorette. And during the chat, he revealed some very surprising information!

While watching the show, viewers weren’t all too surprised to see that Sophie and Sam never shared a smooch…I mean would you really want to kiss a guy who talks openly about your “cans” and actually calls them “cans” instead of boobs…?

BUT this morning Sam revealed to Kyle and Jackie that on one of his double-delight date’s, he actually DID kiss the former Bardot singer, but it was edited out of the show.

And how did he feel about the kiss?

“It was great, it was really great,” Sam said.

And while we were all wondering, ‘huh, why didn’t the kiss make the cut on the show?’, Sophie Monk herself called up Kyle and Jackie to clarify what REALLY went down with Sam, because he’s a BIG. FAT. LIAR!

And let’s just say, Sam left out some pretty important details there…


“Holy Crap, I don’t think he thought I was going to listen to it,” Sophie said about the interview with Sam.

“He grabbed my head and kissed me and I didn’t really kiss him back and made me feel really uncomfortable.”

Poor Soph! Listen to the rest of the chat in the video above to find out WHAT ELSE Sam lied about. Looks like you can’t trust everything you see on TV.

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