Kyle infamously lost his mind in the Big Brother house back in 2007 while refusing to follow Big Brother’s rules.

If you need a reminder of this hilarious moment, check out the video here:

But now that there’s an all new Big Brother in charge, he’s got some new ways to make Kyle follow his commands…By tricking him into it!

As the reality show is set to see contestants face various challenges this season, Big Brother took over the Kyle and Jackie O show and set a challenge for the producers.

And what he asked them to do was definitely risky…

Big Brother told Jackie and the producers that they would have to stop Kyle from smoking for a whole day by doing whatever it took to make it happen. And they certainly got creative with their attempts!


And as you can imagine, Kyle did NOT take it well! Especially while being agitated by his nicotine withdrawals…

Check it out for yourself in the video above!

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