We love a good surprise song (thank you Mr Ed Sheeran for all of those recently) and today we have an AMAZING one from the Queen herself!

Sometime today we will be treated to the vocal talents of Beyonce herself when a surprise, new track drops!

And in case we weren’t already shaking with anticipation, this isn’t just any Bey song… Oh no, this song is one from the upcoming Lion King film sound track!

It’s called ‘Spirit’ and that’s really all we know about it for now! Apart from the fact that it’s definitely going to be Bey-utiful, because hello it’s Beyonce.

Spirit will form part of the album ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ which is set to be released on July 19. It features songs from various global recording artists and has been curated by Mrs Knowles-Carter herself.


We can’t wait for the track and the whole album to drop!

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