Since filming wrapped on The Bachelor back in June, Channel 10 have gone to great lengths to keep the winner of Richie Strahan’s heart under wraps.

However, one paparazzi, who knows the outcome of the reality TV show, has tried to use the information to win big.

The unnamed photographer attempted to put a $10,000 punt on the winner via Sportsbet.

However, his attempts were thwarted by the betting agency, who only allow $80 on the winner of events and they will not refund his $10,000 deposit.

According to the snapper, they changed the rules after he placed his bet ‘’I tried to bet $10,000, but the system wouldn’t allow it.’’ he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

‘My message to them is place the bet, or refund the money. What other betting environment do you find the rules change on you when your chips are on the table?’

Currently, Alex, Megan and Nikki are the top three favourites to win Richie’s heart, with odds on Megan being the greatest at $2.25, Alex at $2.50 and Nikki at $4.00.


A spokesperson from Sportsbet told the publication that the organisation have a cap on maximum betting for non-live events such as television programs, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette because they are ‘novelty betting’.