Can you believe that this morning was the first time that Kyle and Jackie O have interviewed the incredibly talented, and fellow Aussie, Sia?!

We certainly couldn’t! Especially after the chat! It sounded like old friends catching up at the pub rather than a radio interview.

And after chatting with Sia this morning, we’ve come to decide that she’s one of our fav people to interview ever. She’s hilarious, super honest and she just has a heart of gold!

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Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O this morning about music and surviving in quarantine, Sia also opened up a bit about her personal life after we recently heard that she’d adopted two sons.

Yep Sia, 44, has two kids that we didn’t even know about until now!


But this wasn’t your typical sort of adoption where you take on a child and they grow up with you. Sia actually adopted two 18-year-old boys last year!

“What made you decide to adopt older kids?” Jackie asked Sia this morning.


“They were ageing out of the foster care system,” Sia told us. “I’m really obsessed with attachment theory, which is a style of psychology and learning and studying and so I just decided that I could probably help with attachment repair because that’s what I’ve been doing for the last five years and learning about.

“These boys had lived in about 18 homes each in their 18-years and they’d never had any stability, and group homes, and they had extremely traumatic lives,” she added.

“I had the resources to be able to adopt these two boys and give them the resources to deal with their trauma and all of their problems.”


This really hit home with Kyle, who spent some time homeless as a teenager.

“That’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard come out of anyone with successes mouth,” Kyle said.

“I think a lot of people give to other people but really taking on that commitment and really making a massive change in two people’s lives that probably wouldn’t have had that opportunity unless you came along, how could anyone ever day anything bad about you.”

Like we said, she’s got a heart of damn gold!

Hear more from our chat with the one and only Sia in the podcast below!

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