Most of us are serious social media addicts, refreshing our instagram uploads OFTEN in the hope that we will feel accepted by society. 

While this whole mentality is a concern for the general public at the moment, we thought we may as well help you feel better about it anyway! 

So, we give you: The best time to post an instagram pic for the most likes is IN THE MORNING! 

While it has been previously thought that the afternoon is the best time to post because it’s when everyone is using their social accounts, that exact reason is why it’s the worst time! 

Instagram recently stated that they get an average of 70 million posts a day and, most are done in the afternoon. 

So, by posting then, you’re will just get lost amongst all the others! 

There is a serious dip in the number of posts being uploaded between the hours of 6am and 12pm. 


In fact, only 0.91 posts are done at 8am and .93 at 9am in the morning. 

The most popular time to post are at 1am and 4pm. 

So, if you want selfie success, the earlier the better!! 


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