It was a special morning on the Kyle and Jackie O Show today as the REAL Ben Stiller joined us for a chat!

If you’re wondering why we put so much emphasis on the fact that this was actually Ben Stiller, it’s because last week we tricked out guest booker Mayo with a Ben Stiller impersonator.

But would you believe that the REAL Ben actually heard about this fake interview and that’s what actually manage to get him to come on the air with us! Oh the irony, right?


Anyway, when the fake Ben was on, he tricked us even further by pretending that he was creating a reboot of one of our all-time favourite Ben Still films, ‘There’s Something About Mary’.

He even told us that he’d be bringing Cameron Diaz out of retirement to do the movie!

Of course, this was completely fake news, but now that we had the REAL Ben Stiller on the phone, we decided to see whether there was actually any possibility of this happening sometime in the future.

“In the fake interview that we did with the fake Ben Stiller, he said he’s going to bring Cameron Diaz out of retirement and do a new Something About Mary,” Jackie told Ben this morning. “Is there any chance of that ever happening?”

Now we have to say, the fake Ben was WAY more into this idea than the real Ben was, so clearly nothing is planned or in the works… YET! real Ben didn’t really give us a definite no.

“I don’t know,” Ben laughed. “I don’t think so. I mean, I sort of feel like those kinds of movies are so special in that people kind of hold them in there, you know if you’re lucky enough to be in a movie that people remember 20 years later whatever, you know it has this place in people’s hearts.


“I fee like that’s great and that’s a wonderful thing and you know, I’ve done a bunch of sequels over the years. But I think it’s hard to sometimes recapture what people want. But sometimes it can be fun.

“I think the exception to the rule, usually when they work well, but I don’t see that happening. I wouldn’t wouldn’t ever say never and I love Cameron, she’s awesome and we had a great time doing that movie together.”

So there’s that little spec of hope! Ben Stiller would never say never to a sequel! And if he needs it, Kyle had a little idea for what the film could focus on.

“I’ve come up with a brilliant idea everyone,” Kyle said proudly. The spin-off about Mary’s brother! Doesn’t everyone wonder about Mary’s brother?… What ever happened to him in your mind Ben?”

“I haven’t thought about that,” Ben replied. “Every once in a while if I see it on TV I’ll watch a few minutes of it and I laugh because I think Matt Dylan is so funny and Cameron’s so great… But I don’t really think about what the characters, they’re kind of made up characters.”

Very true! It would be a little weird is Ben Stiller spent all of his spare time thinking about fictional people.


So will there be a sequel to ‘There’s Something About Mary’? The likelihood is probably not. But maybe that’s for the best? Sometimes when things are great the first time around they’re better off left alone. Especially if he’s actually thinking of following Kyle’s plot…

Listen to more from our chat with Ben Stiller in the podcast below!