It’s certainly been quite a week for some of Hollywood’s hottest actors; first Orlando Bloom goes the full frontal while paddleboarding Katy Perry around, and now Ben Affleck has had a seriously embarrassing private-area mishap of his own.

The Batman actor turned up to the London premiere of his latest film looking his usual slick self, but left the after-party in a decidedly more dishevelled state.

In fact he hadn’t just forgotten to zip up his fly, he’d completely missed the waistband altogether.

Happens to the best of us, Ben.

He was also snapped trying to hitch up the same trousers earlier in the night as he walked the red carpet for Suicide Squad; we can’t imagine he’ll be taking those babies out for another spin anytime soon.


Oh, and on the same red carpet, Cara Delevingne didn’t even bother with pants.

Is there some kind of trouser boycott going on in La-La land?

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