”Things change”, that is the line coming from Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s people!
More than a year after the couple of 10 years announced their split, neither have gone near the divorce paperwork.

In fact, according to US weekly, the divorce is off.

“Jen mentioned that the divorce was going through very soon, and then a few weeks ago, things changed,” says a source close to Garner. “It does not seem to be moving in that direction.”

The two actors are currently cohabiting in their $17.5 million mansion but are living in separate rooms. 

Garner revealed in the March issue of Vanity Far that she sleeps with their oldest daughter, Violet, while Affleck bunks in the guest room.

“Jen seems to still be in love with Ben but doesn’t allow her mind to go there,” says the Garner pal. “She just focuses on the kids.”

An Affleck source has told US Weekly however that there was never a plan to rush the divorce and ‘This was always the plan.’


We can all just hope they stay together… such a hot couple.

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