The estranged mother of Belle Gibson has come to the defense of the disgraced wellness blogger in an about face that will leave many surprised.

Talking to the Herald Sun, Natalie Dal-Bello, played down the saga in which Gibson made fame after claiming she had cured her own brain cancer through healthy eating and natural therapies.

“Belle told a white lie, aged 23-and-a-half. So What?” Dal-Bello said.

“Belle is allowed to tell little porky pies. Who the hell doesn’t tell a lie in their life? Nobody complained about Belle when she was helping people and now they want to put her under the microscope.”

The comments come in stark contrast to Dal-Bello’s earlier sentiments.

During an interview with the Australian Women’s Weekly, the 51-year-old said she was “deeply hurt and incredibly upset” at her daughter’s retelling of her childhood and refusal to say sorry during a 60 Minutes interview.

“I can’t tell you how embarrassed we are about what she has done. And we sincerely wish to apologise to anyone who was deceived by Belle,” she said at the time.


““She’s got to look inside her own soul. The only way she is going to get forgiveness is to stop playing the victim card and spend the next few years doing nothing but charity work for cancer victims.”

In April Gibson was forced to admit she didn’t actually have brain cancer after profiting from her wellness App and cookbook, the Whole Pantry, which claimed she was “curing” her cancer with healthy eating.

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