Disgraced “wellness” blogger, Belle Gibson, who profited from lying about having terminal cancer, has promised to tell the whole truth on 60 Minutes.

Just months ago she was forced to admit that she deceived her followers, family and friends about having brain cancer and curing it with healthy eating and natural therapies.

In April it was uncovered that she failed to donate $300,000 from the sales of her App, The Whole Pantry, to charity as promised.

This is the first time the 23-year-old will speak on camera about her side of the story, and she said she will tell “the whole truth” in an interview with Tara Brown, which will air this Sunday night.

In the trailer for the interview, shown on Channel 9, Brown asks her: “Belle, are you prepared to tell the truth today? The whole truth?” 

“I’m not trying to get away with anything. I’ve been really transparent,” Gibson replied.

“How can we believe anything you say now?”


“Tara, I have lost everything,” Gibson responded.

According to some reports, Gibson will receive upwards of $45,000 for the interview, and the Belle Gibson Uncovered Facebook page condemns it, they wrote in a post yesterday: 

“Everyone is probably aware that Sixty Minutes have the Belle Gibson story just as we predicted when AWW got involved. Belle Gibson indirectly received a large sum of money for this interview, which is about as disgusting as chequebook journalism gets.”

But, Channel 9 told news.com.au: “It is Nine Network policy not to disclose whether any guests on any programs have or have not been paid for their involvement.”

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