We all remember Bella Varelis, the runner up for Locky’s season of The Bachelor.

I’m still not sure if Locky chose the right girl with Irena, I felt like his chemistry with Bella used to jump off the screens.

Varelis has uploaded a Q & A tell-all video on Youtube answering all our questions about the finale!

The video is titled ‘Q&A// The truth about how I felt walking into finale, dealing with heartbreak and what’s next.’

Bella reinforces that she doesn’t regret anything, “At the end of the day everything happens for a reason. I’m actually really grateful that Locky dumped me.”

Bella says in the video that she’s happy for Locky and Irena but if it didn’t work out between then, she would “DEFINITELY NOT” be taking him back.

Finishing with the badass energy I know she has, she finished with “After everything that Locky said to me, and for him to not follow through with the relationship, I knew he wasn’t the kind of person I’d want to be in a relationship with anyway.”


You can watch the whole video here: