The nation was infuriated at how the finale went down last week, with Locky telling Bella he loved her one day and broke up with her the next.

Varelis left the finale with the words ‘Can I leave now?’ after being dumped by who she thought was the love of her life.

My heart broke for her.

Going on Life Uncut hosting by Ex-Bachie contestants Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley, Bella revealed more happened afterwards….

Penting up her frustrations for two days, Bella apparently sent him a frustrated text a couple of days post show.

“I did send him a message after just to be like, I mean, it was like two days after, I was devastated, I was shattered, I was upset, I was angry.”

“It was a pretty angry text, to be honest… The first part was like, ‘I feel like I’ve lost my best friend not just my boyfriend. It was a relationship for me.”


“I think I just genuinely thought he was in love with me and I think watching it back was a lot.”

We’ve ALL been guilty of feeling this way and sending texts like that, especially when you’re grappling with heart break.

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I’m not entirely sure where to even start… When Locky told me he loved me and couldn’t wait to make me happy for the rest of my life, I believed him and trusted him whole heartedly. We connected on so many levels right from the beginning, some you saw, but most you didn’t. Having three months outside of filming completely changed the aspect of the show, it brought normality to the connection and we grew into what felt like a real relationship. Looking back; I’m proud of myself. I gave it my all, I was true to myself and I wore my heart on my sleeve. Whilst it’s not my fairytale ending, the laughs and the memories will last a lifetime. I want to say thank you to my on-set Bachelor family who were with me up until the very end, thank you for making me laugh through my endless tears that night. To everyone that supported me on this crazy journey, the people out there who don’t even know me but continue to keep the vibes positive and especially the people who got me through a few of the hardest moments, you know who you are, and you’re the real ones. I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason and now was not my time, I’ll never stop being a hopeless romantic and I’m sure my happily ever after is still out there. Hopefully I don’t need to kiss too many more frogs 🐸✨

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In an interview with Pedestrian she also revealed there was a whole scene that was cut from the finale.

Apparently after she walked away from Locky, it got a little more heated.


“Yeah, he just let me walk off. I did actually hear him scream, “F***!”

“As I was walking off, halfway up the driveway, he scream, ‘F***’ at the top of his lungs and I didn’t turn around.”

“I remember my producer looking at me and I was just like, ‘Don’t,’ she said.”

What a WILD moment in reality television history.

It’ll go down in the books.

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