Look, Hollywood is a tiny place and it’s inevitable that, if your Grammy award-winning ex-boyfriend is going to move, it’s going to be with someone you know.

(P.S., just in case you somehow managed to miss the fuss, we’re talking about The Weeknd and Selena Gomez caught eating the faces off each other outside a restaurant a couple of weeks ago.)

Apart from one sassy AF Insta post from Bella, she’s been keeping a low-profile since the news broke, basically seeming as hot and unbothered about things as she normally is.

But it was only a matter of time until the model moved on, and she seems to be doing it in the sexiest way possible; in an Instagram pic uploaded by Givenchy’s creative director Riccardo Tisci, Bells can be seen macking on with Tisci himself while Kendall Jenner takes a nap on his shoulder.

A NIGHT OUT WITH MY SEXY BIRDS, HOT SANDWICH @kendalljenner @bellahadid @givenchyofficial #lemagnifique #aftershow

A photo posted by riccardotisci17 (@riccardotisci17) on

“A NIGHT OUT WITH MY SEXY BIRDS, HOT SANDWICH,” Tisci’s slightly creepy caption read.

Obviously we’re not there and we can’t speak for either Bella or Kendall, but that looks suspiciously like whatever the fashion world’s equivalent of a regrettable 4am nightclub Snapchat, when you think you’re looking amazing but everyone just seems a bit blurry and washed out.


Albeit with slightly more nipple.

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