At the moment our very own Jackie O is taking on two jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Not only is she still broadcasting on air every morning for the Kyle and Jackie O Show (from her home in self-isolation might we add) but she’s also having to be a home school teacher for her daughter Kitty.

And TBH she’s finding it rather tough! Not to mention the stress of other things going on at the moment like going to the supermarket to try and buy essential items.

So after hearing about Jackie’s own experience we decided to check in on another KIIS FM mumma, the 3PM Pick Up’s Bec Judd to see how she’s coping during this period of self-isolation.

Now Bec Judd’s family can get a little bit more hectic because she’s a family of six! There’s her, her husband Chris Judd and their four little kids, Darcy, Billie, Oscar and Tom.


Bec told us this morning that one of the weirdest things for her is actually going to the supermarket at the moment because she gets some really nasty stares from people!

The reason being that everyone assumes that she’s stock piling on her groceries with the amount that she’s putting in her trolley! But Bec revealed to us that this is just a normal, weekly shop for her and her hungry, growing family.

“You’ve got like 900 kids down there,” Kyle jokingly said to Bec this morning.

“I know! So everytime I go to the supermarket people look at me and give me the crazy side-eye like I’m stock piling and I feel like I need to wear a sign saying, ‘No I’m not. I’ve just got four kids’,” Bec told us.

During a time when Aussies have been panic buying multiples of various items you can kind of understand why people might assume that after Bec revealed exactly what she does buy in her normal shop!

“I have 18 litres of milk a week,” Bec revealed. “I have seven loaves of bread, eight packs of meat. Like this is what I need in a week!”


Bec Judd’s Instagram Story

Jackie was basically beside herself.

“What? You need that much milk in a week?!” Jackie exclaimed. “Oh my god.”

“I know so people are looking at me like I’m a stock piler. I’m not! That is just a basic week in the Judd house.”

Kyle joked that is that’s how much food they’re going through then no doubt they’re feeling the pain of the great toilet paper shortage of 2020… Lol!

But this just led to a whole other story about Bec’s two youngest kids, her twins, that are still toilet training… Self-isolation sounds like a real hoot in the Judd household!


Hear about the toilet training mishaps, home schooling and more from our chat with Bec Judd in the podcast below!

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