The 3PM Pick Up gals were talking about the lights in their house this arvo as Monty revealed that she’s been getting so lazy and hasn’t been changing her light bulbs when they die.

It’s gotten so bad that most of Monty’s house is in the dark now, but still, we get where she’s coming from coz no one enjoys changing a light bulb. It’s such an effort!

But this wasn’t the most interesting part of the discussion… Bec Judd then went on to reveal that her husband Chris Judd used to be exactly like this before they were married and when he was still living alone in his Bachelor pad.

So much so that it’s now led to Juddy doing something still to this day that we think is super strange!

“He still refuses to turn the lights on in the shower,” Bec revealed. “He showers in the dark like some kind of caveman.”


What?! Why?!

Like we get that maybe having it dark makes it a more relaxing process, but isn’t the whole point of a shower to wake yourself up? (Other than obviously to clean yourself)

Also, how on earth would you do something like shave your legs in the dark? This is more of a female issue but STILL! We’re a bit confused.

Do other people do this or is it just Chris Judd?

Hear more in the podcast below!

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