Beau Ryan is used to joining the Kyle and Jackie O show every Friday but we bet he was shocked to find what we had in store for him today…

Beau usually joins us for his weekly sports report, to give us an update on what games are happening over the weekend, but we all know that Kyle isn’t the biggest sporting fan.

So today, he had a different segment idea for Beau. Kyle decided to challenge him to the ‘Lick Out’ challenge.

Before you ask, it’s not as dirty as it sounds… But it is probably the weirdest thing we’ve done in a long time! (And if you know the Kyle and Jackie O Show, you know that that’s a big call).

How it works is we sat Beau in a chair blindfolded with his shoes off as we then brought in either a farm animal or Intern Pete.

Beau then had to guess whether it was an animal or Intern Pete that was licking his feet! Yep, this is high class radio right here people!

It’s safe to say that it was HILARIOUS! Check it out for yourself in the video above!