Last week we heard about the current Bachelor, Nick ‘The Honey Badger Cummins’, and his crazy Mad Monday experience. This week it was Beau Ryan’s turn to spill the beans. And funnily enough both of them ended in a guy on guy pash!

In case you’re unaware, Mad Mondays are traditionally celebrated by footy players after the grand final to let off some steam after a long season. And well, from the details we’ve heard about them so far, they seem to be get pretty rowdy!

Jackie was chatting with Beau, who was filling in for Kyle today, about the insane story that Nick had told her last week, detailing the time he dressed up in drag and kissed a bloke. She wanted to know if anything similar had ever happened to Beau, who is a former NRL player.

“You know the Bachelor? Nick Cummins? Well he was saying like on Mad Mondays you guys all like hook up and stuff,” said Jackie.

Beau told us that it wasn’t necessarily something that they planned to do, but some of the boys certainly did start to get a bit too keen after having a few bevvies.

For instance, Beau had a bit of a lip locking situation with former team mate Paul Gallen at a Mad Monday celebration after a cheeky wrestling match turned into way more than Beau bargained for.

“We end up at Gals house once and it got to a point where I was in the backyard and he was getting really aggressive,” explained Beau.


“And he’s like wrestling me. He likes to wrestle everyone…And we’re at a Mad Monday and we were drinking and that, and we’re in the backyard he like get’s me in a corner and is like, ‘pash me’.

“I go, ‘I don’t want to bash ya’, and he’s like, ’No, pash me’, and I’m like, ‘Oh, okay’. But it was like sexual assault! I had no choice. It was like that or pretend to be dead.”

Jackie and Brooklyn couldn’t contain their laughter!

“So you made out with Paul Gallen?” asked Brooklyn through giggles.

“I didn’t make out I just sort of went to kiss him and he like kissed my mouth. There was no tongue but it was just like a little kiss.”

A little kiss that lasted about 20 seconds we might add according to Beau…


So is this seriously like a common thing that happens at Mad Mondays? First the Honey Badger and now Beau Ryan! Who’s next?

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