Money talks…or at least it does on the Kyle and Jackie O Show!

This morning Beau Ryan was filling in for Kyle while he was off sick and things got pretty heated between him and Jackie from the get go as they got into the nitty gritty of one subject in particular.

Their topic of conversation was all about that cash-money and actually resulted in Beau absolutely grilling Jackie to find out about her radio pay check.

To be fair though, Jackie started it by googling the former rugby league star turned media extraordinaire’s net worth.

“Beau aren’t you worth $10 million?” asked Jackie. “That’s what it says on google…It just says Beau Ryan net worth, $10 million.”

Instead of commenting on his own cash flow, Beau decided to throw it back at Jackie, asking, “What does it say about you?”

Jackie was taken aback by Beau turning the tables on her. “It’s always wrong” she said. She then tried to to change the subject by saying they were running out of time and needed to move on with a song.


But Beau wasn’t backing down until he got his answer. And when he finally did (or at least one from google that Jackie swears isn’t really true) he was completely SHOCKED by the amount!

“That is bullsh*t! That’s so much money,” he exclaimed. “No one’s on money near that.”

Watch Beau grill Jackie and find out just how much google reckons Jackie and Kyle earn in the video above!

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