Beau Ryan really is a jack of all trades. While he started his career as a footy player in the NRL he’s since ventured into acting, radio and he’s even going to be a TV host soon enough when The Amazing Race returns.

But Beau’s latest venture truly was the most surprising. Turns out he actually auditioned to be one of the celebrities on Jackie’s new show, The Masked Singer!

And in case you didn’t get it from the show’s name, this is a show where celebrities perform songs in disguise – meaning they have to be able to sing.

“Can you sing?” Jackie asked Beau on air this morning.

“Well, no,” he admitted. “But I can rap. Everyone can rap.”

“Did you do an audition?” Kyle asked.

“Well sort of, I went and met a producer.. I was going to do Eminem…but he’s actually singing quite a bit Eminem believe it or not. I went Vanilla Ice,” Beau continued.


Yep. Beau attempted to show off his skills with a rendition of ‘Ice Ice Baby’.

Now don’t think that we’re spoiling the show here. Beau didn’t actually make it past his audition round and won’t be appearing on the show.

But to figure out why that is, Kyle asked Beau to give him a demonstration of his audition live on air so that we could hear his rapping skills for ourselves.

And TBH it wasn’t too bad!

Kyle then decided to give us a demonstration of what his audition would sound like if he decided to go on show by singing Jessie’s girl! And DAMN Kyle’s actually got some skills!

Hear both auditions in the video above!


With Beau and Kyle ruled out for the show, we wonder which celebrities will actually appear on The Masked Singer..?