The NRL season is back for another year and that means that Beau Ryan’s sports reports have returned for another year.

This week to launch the segment, Beau went above and beyond by not only getting star Rabbitoh’s player Tom Burgess on the phone but by actually going out to Tom’s house to film some content.

Beau was supposed to be going to the penthouse in Little Bay to film a house tour, but he ended up getting so much more… And boy aren’t we glad that we had cameras there!

Beau and Tom actually ended up stripping off and taking an ice bath!

And nope, this had nothing to do with a Mad Monday… Although it certainly sounds like something that would happen at one of those shindigs!

Apparently Beau wanted to know how he can get as ripped as Tom when Tom told him that he takes an ice bath to help his muscles recover after a workout.

And it just so happens that Tom had one ready to go at that moment! So what else was there to do than for the two footy players to strip down to their underwear and jump on in!


Check it out for your own viewing pleasure in the video above!