A surgery obsessed mum has admitted to saving a whopping $40,000 to put towards her 12-year-old daughter’s future cosmetic surgery. Over the last six years the Essex mum admitted to spending over $200,000 transforming herself into a Barbie doll and has now set her sights on her tom-boy daughter.

The only problem is, Kerry Miles’ daughter is her polar opposite, and is adamant she doesn’t want any surgery. But that hasn’t stopped the self-confessed barbie lookalike from saving.   

‘I’ve got money put aside in case she ever changes her mind and wants to do it – if she wants a boob job, lipo, anything like that then I’ll pay for her to have it done.

‘She’s got a nice nose anyway and big lips so I know she wouldn’t want those done, but if there’s anything else she wants I’ll make sure she gets it.

The 33-year-old admitted she’d like it if her daughter shared her love of Barbie, but insists it’s fine that she doesn’t.   

‘When she was a baby she was like my little doll – I always dressed her pink and pretty, and I hoped as she grew up we could share clothes, go shopping together, get our nails done.


‘But it hasn’t happened yet. I still hope one day she might change her mind, but I want her to be her own person.

‘It would be nice for us to be able to share the Barbie look, and that’s why I’ve got money put away for her.

Ms Miles says she’s been able to save such a large sum of money by abstaining from smoking and nightclubs.   

‘Of course I think Bethaney’s beautiful already, but I know how much happier having surgery made me and I want her to have that opportunity.

‘But whatever she decides, they think it’s a good idea to have money put aside for her – she can do whatever she wants with it, within reason.’


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