Mila Kunis’ new movie Bad Moms is in full promo mode which means posters promoting the flick have taken over.

While at first glance everything seems okay, it doesn’t take long to realise you’re being given the bird.

And of course people are already offended.

In particular a Queensland MP who says the posters are not appropriate for the general public.

Federal Member for Moreton Graham Perrett says the pixelated posters does little to hide the fact that stars Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn are flicking a certain finger your way.

“I do have young children, I have an idea of what’s appropriate and what’s inappropriate,” he told The Brisbane Times.


“This isn’t the internet, this isn’t television, these are public spaces I am talking about.”

The posters are currently being displayed on Brisbane City Council bus shelters.

The MP is now calling for the ads to be scrapped calling them an attempt to profit by shocking the “family values” of the community.

So we want to know – do you find these adverts offensive? Do you think they should be removed?

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