By now Millie and Mark are starting to get used to being in the public eye after taking part in the popular Aussie reality TV show Love Island, but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t just a tiny bit nervous coming on the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning to play Background Check.

As previous couples who have taken part in the segment have learned the hard way, a LOT of unexpected and juicy stuff can come up when we ask people who might know you to call us up and spill some dirt. And well, today was no exception.

We received call after call with friends and family members telling us about some of the more risque things that Millie and Mark have done in the past, but we have to say that Mark copped it the most out of the pair today!

One story in particular about the handsome fella with teeth as bright as the sun (no exaggeration their either) that gave us quite a shock was one by fellow Love Island contestant Teddy.

Teddy explained that he hadn’t known Mark for all too long, but he did have one rather embarrassing story of his to share that happened in the Spanish villa and DIDN’T make it to air on the show.


And well, let’s just say that it’s a rather…hard…story to explain… And by the looks of things, Mark had something about his appearance one day that stood out to his fellow islanders MUCH more than his insanely white chompers.

Take a listen to the video above to find out exactly what happened to Mark in the Love Island villa that he didn’t really want us all to know about!

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