If you haven’t tuned into So Dramatic! Podcast by Megan Pustetto, then girl… you’re missing half the tea that’s happening on our tv because that woman has a way of getting it.

In the most recent episode of the podcast, Megan spills a lot of drama on contestant Juliette.

According to her, the real reason Roxi blew up at Juliette was because she planned to tell Locky that Roxi was a bully.

The producers then had to intervene during that cocktail party and “hold emergency meetings” a lot of the footage was cut out of the show, which is why that episode was so confusing, hence the comments from Roxi, “Juliette is throwing me under the bus.”

Juliette was also apparently involved in some bullying in the household, and became the reason a number of the girls (Zoe-Clare, Rosemary and Roxi) wanted to quit the show.

Pustetto quotes her source on the show “Juliette was unhinged, we were all on edge wondering what she would do next…. As soon as the cameras stopped rolling she was a raving lunatic…”

Apparently, all the girls that were bunking with her eventually moved out of her room because they were afraid of her.


Rosemary was a target, according to Pustetto, Juliette left her dirty undies hanging from above Rosemary’s bed for A WEEK, even after being asked to move them!


Make sure you’re not missing out on ANYTHING from the Kyle & Jackie O show!





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