Despite denials from Bachelor producers, a former contestant claims one of the women vying for Richie’s heart had a pregnancy scare. 

Sasha Zhuarvlyova, who is best known for munching on a rose, told the the Daily Mail a contestant was forced to purchase a pregnancy test after missing her period. 

“One girl did a pregnancy test during the series,” the 31-year-old told Daily Mail Australia.

“The girls went to a pharmacy to get a pregnancy test for her.”

While the test turned out to be negative, Sasha was quick to hose down any speculation that Richie was the reason for the pregnancy scare. She told the Daily Mail that simply wasn’t possible. 


She claims none of the girls could close to Richie when the cameras weren’t rolling, as he was always followed by a group of producers, who ensured nothing went on. 

Her claims come after news the contestant’s contracts with the show are now void. The 31-year-old excitedly encouraged her Instagram followers to send her questions about the show. 

The pregnancy test claims follow an article by NW Magazines earlier this year, which reported a crew member had discovered a pregnancy test in the mansion. At the time Bachelor producers released a statement saying: “Warner Bros can confirm that there is no truth to this story. There was no positive pregnancy test found at the mansion.”

The plot thickens! 

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