We all remember Timm the sweet summer child from Angie’s season who was publicly deemed her absolute SOULMATE.

He came across gentle and sweet but his time in Bachelor in Paradise is already a much naughtier and steamier version of him.

Timm talked to Kyle & Jackie O yesterday and confirmed he isn’t hitting up Angie’s dm’s now that she’s single.

The Bachie star double downed on this again with Mamamia saying he definitely doesn’t speak to Angie anymore, but he also revealed he’d spoke to Carlin Sterritt post-break up.

‘I’ve spoken to Carlin, I spoke to him a few weeks ago after they broke up. I just told him, “I hope you’re all good”. But I haven’t spoken to Angie at all,’ Timm told Mamamia.

He told Kyle and Jackie O that his inbox is FULL of fans telling him to ‘Have a go’ with Angie.

Kyle, in all his wisdom, says “You don’t really want to go back and have a crack at what you lost. That’s not what men do”.


Timm seemed to agree saying “I’ve got to have a bit of…credibility, self-respect”.

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of fish in the sea, especially for you!

You can listen to their whole interview with him below.

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