Tiffany Scanlon has hit out at Bachelor producers a day after her contract with the show ended. The blonde beauty took to Instagram to repost that infamous spaghetti shot with girlfriend Megan Marx, which mysteriously disappeared from her feed earlier this year. 

She’s finally set the record straight, claiming producers asked her to remove the photo. 

The post read: “I said they’ve be back and here they are! I’m pleased to finally be able to repost these photos after being made to take them down and told I was “damaging my reputation.” I am now a free agent.”

Tiffany explained the photos were taken back in August and the girls were making spaghetti when suddenly things ‘snowballed.’

@wildhorseslabel At the Polo with my beautiful girlfriend. Hair by @allurahairextensions

A photo posted by Megan Marx 🌷 (@megan.leto.marx) on


“A discussion about lady and the tramp, a bottle of wine and a removal of clothes later and voila our infamous spaghetti party photos were taken,” she wrote.

Fans were quick to flood Tiff’s Instagram with questions – the most popular being – who took the photo!? The former Bachelor star responded, “self timer.’ Clever! 

When asked to confirm who had told her to remove the picture she responded; “Thou shall not be named, but they’re in the business of selling love stories to mass audience.” 

She also admitted in another comment to a fan that she was concerned about being sued if she left the picture up. 

We can’t wait until more Bachie contestants speak out! Please be Keira next… 

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