The Bachelor’s Sandra has pleaded with viewers to hold their opinions of her until the show progresses after being portrayed as the show’s trouble maker.

Speaking on the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Thursday, Sandra says there’s more to her than what viewers saw in the first episode, which aired on Wednesday night.

“I just want Australia to see there is a different side of me, I wear my heart on my sleeve, so I’ll try and stay out of drama as much as possible.

“But see the good Sandra, the fun Sandra,” she said.

Sandra quickly became the villain of the show when she tried to engage contestant Reshael in a harsh gossip session about the other girls.

When Reshael refused, Sandra had a go at her and then started gossiping about Reshael. Sandra then called an impromptu meeting to give her side of the story.

Social media was alight with angry and baffled viewers, giving their two cents about the bold behaviour.


“Sandra needs her dosage adjusted,” Mandy Kerr tweeted.


Even the previous Bachelor, Blake Garvey has chimed in with a harsh assessment.

“I put her down as a bit too loud and aggressive,” he said on the Kyle and Jackie O show on Thursday morning.

“But those characters, people like that are good for drama,” he added.

Sandra says she’s keeping positive and isn’t hurt by the comments.


“With such a huge personality, people are either going to love me or hate me, so it’s ok, it’s just really interesting to see other people’s perspectives,” she said. “Everybody’s going to get haters so it’s all good.”

While she admits the TV show’s producers did an ok job at showing what really happened, she did want to explain why she felt compelled to call a meeting so early on in the season.

“There is a bit of an explanation, because I was like, I really just need to put it out there and get it over and done with because the whole night we would have just been talking about Reshael and myself. So I just wanted to clear the air and go out there and approach the situation,” she said.

Sandra also cleared any rumours that she was drunk in the first episode, saying she spent the night sipping water from her beautiful champagne flute.


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