This morning, we had Ryan from the Bachelorette in studio to talk about his swift exit from the show.

One of the things Jackie couldn’t resist asking was something we all wanted to know; who pissed in Jarrod’s pot plant?!

The pot plant was designed to symbolise their growing relationship, with both Jarrod and Sophie planting seeds that they would look after, and would grow – not dissimilar to the love fern from ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.’


‘So Sophie’s plant is growing but someone’s pissed in Jarrod’s to stop it growing,’ Jackie explained to Kyle.


‘I bet it was Sophie!’ Kyle said!

‘Hahaha who is it? Is it Blake?’ Jackie asked

‘No it wasn’t Blake…’ Ryan replied through giggles.

‘Do you know who pissed in it?’ Kyle asked.

‘Haha, no… no.’


‘You do! Who was it Ryan?!’ Jackie pushed.

But he kept pretty ‘mum’ on it all. ‘Who was it? Who was it? Tell us!’

Jackie pleaded.

Ryan laughed his way through it, obviously withholding what he knew… and kind of incriminating himself a little… if we’re honest.

‘Andrew G pissed in the plant!’ Kyle guessed.


‘Oh yeah, probably, Andrew G! hahaha there you go!’