As Channel Nine’s most explosive season ever of Married At First Sight comes to a close, competing station Network Ten prepares to launch the second season of their own hit reality show, Bachelor In Paradise.

While we’ve already seen teasers of this upcoming BIP season this morning we’ve finally found out exactly when it’s set to kick off! And guess what? It’s REALLY soon and actually, perfect timing.

It’s recently been revealed that MAFS will conclude it’s two-part finale on Monday April 8, and so for anyone who’s worried about feeling separation anxiety when this show finishes, the good news is that Bachelor In Paradise kicks off literally the next day!

That’s right, the premiere date for BIP has officially been set for Tuesday April 9 and is set to play on both channel 10 and WIN network.

We’ve also been told that BIP will be here to fill up a lot of our time with the show airing three nights a week!


We already know most of the contestants that will be heading to Fijian paradise this year (we’re assuming there will be some intruders in there) as well as a number of the storylines, including a fight between exes Richie and Alex, a Honey Badger bombshell from Brooke and a lot of love interest for Cass.

We can’t wait to head to paradise! Bring on the bikinis, boards, cocktails and of course Osher’s perfect hair.