You’ve probably already noticed that literally everybody from this season of Bachelor In Paradise is frothing over Alex Nation.

She’s won the hearts of Brooke (that kiss though *swoon*) and Bill, and even saw fan-favourite James LEAVING Paradise because he refused to watch her date other people.

So, what’s the catch?

In an interview with Now To Love, James reveals that it’s Alex’s ‘words’ that are so bewitching. 

“We kind of connected early on quite well,” the 33-year-old explains.

“She’s very good with her words and she’s very engaging and very communicative.

What we probably don’t see is Alex forming those connections with people. We just sort of see people chasing her.”


Consequently, it’s the emotional connection between James and Alex that made his decision to leave so heartbreaking. 

We spent quite a few days and time together and connected, you know we were quite close and then in Paradise, obviously everybody is open to exploring things with a lot of people.

“I couldn’t explore with multiple people at once, so I just vibe with the one person – not in an overbearing way, more just to see how it went. I just wanted to meet one person, have fun, relax, enjoy the time there and sort of see that connection grow.”

Does that mean there was a sneaky kiss between the two?


“If it didn’t happen on camera, did it really happen?”

So… that’s a yes?

Bachelor In Paradise continues tonight at 7:30PM on Channel Ten.


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