Our hearts broke practically in unison with Brittany Hockley’s when she was dumped in the final episode of Nick Cummins season of The Bachelor. But now it looks like we might be able to follow her journey once again as she (hopefully) gets her happily ever after!

The 30-year-old was caught up in The Bachelor drama of last season after she was taken to the final two by Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins, only to be left hanging, along with Sophie Tieman, when Nick chose none of the girls.

But it looks like this experience wasn’t enough to deter Brit from attempting to find love on reality TV, with reports that she has been confirmed for Bachelor In Paradise 2019.

Brittany Hockley From Nick Cummin’s Season Of The Bachelor Has Reportedly Been Confirmed To Take Part In Bachelor In Paradise 2019

The Bachelor fav attended Derby Day in Melbourne on Monday before the Melbourne Cup and when asked by the Daily Mail if she would appear in the upcoming series, she reportedly appeared to confirm the rumours. Or at least, she definitely didn’t deny them. 


“Will I be on Paradise? I guess legally I say, ‘You will have to say wait and see’,” she said. “A lot of people have been asking [if I’m appearing]. Cass is a fan favourite but I don’t think Brittany is one.”

It’s being reported that when Brittany says “legally” she is referring to a possible contract that she has signed with Channel 10, in which contestants are not allowed to comment on participating in the series until it is officially announced.

Channel Ten have already confirmed a number of cast members for the spin-off series, including Brittany’s co-stars Cass Wood and Brooke Blurton.


They will be joining other confirmed Bachie rejects including Sam Cochrane, James Trethewie and reportedly Rachel Gouvignon and Romy Poulier.

Filming for this season was rumoured to have started yesterday. And while Brit is clearly not over on an island in Fiji right now, we know from last season that cast mates are brought in as intruders throughout the show, meaning she could be making a later appearance.

We hope this is the case anyway! We won’t be able to get over Nick’s season of the Bacheor until both Brit and Sophie have found their true loves! (So yeah, Soph if you could go on the show too that’d be great).

Stay tuned for the official announcement of more cast members!

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