Grab yourselves a big cup Bachie fans, the piping hot tea is about to spilleth over!!

Last we saw Alex Nation and Richie Strahan on TV together they were sitting in chocolate baths and staring romantically into each others eyes.

But it seems that things are going to be far from friendly when the reality TV exes meet once again in Fijian paradise.

That’s right, we’ve all heard the rumours and prayed that they were true, but now it’s been confirmed that former Bachie couple Alex and Richie are BOTH going to be cast members on the next season of Bachelor In Paradise.

And trust us, the drama is DEFINITELY coming!


In case you need a refresher, Alex and Richie became a couple after Richie served as The Bachelor in 2016. They stayed together for a short time after the finale aired before calling it quits, although a reason was never really given for their separation.

That is until now.

Not only did Channel 10 confirm that the former couple would be heading to BIP, but they also provided us with our first promo, teasing he the pair get into a full blown argument about their past.

In the trailer, Richie is seen entering paradise first, telling the camera that the one person he hopes not to see is his ex Alex after their pretty tumultuous break up.


So in truly predictable reality TV nature, what to Bachelor In Paradise producers do? They send on in Alex.

After an awkward hello, Alex and Richie split apart from the group for a chat. And this is where the drama unfolds.

“So are you honestly sitting there and saying you were perfect in our relationship?” Alex is heard saying.

“Don’t put words in my mouth,” Richie bites back.

“It was me. I honestly can’t believe that you are telling me that it was me,” says Alex.


So looks like we’re FINALLY going to find out what happened between these two. And while it might be kinda evil to say, we honestly can’t wait to see this drama unfold.

Also confirmed to be heading into Bachelor In Paradise is two of the mean girls from Nick Cummins’ most recent season of The Bachelor, Cat and Alisha, and we have no doubt they’ll make for some great viewing.

Alex, Richie, Cat and Alisha join two more girls who were confirmed as cast members last year, Cassandra Wood and Brooke Blunton, also from The Honey Badger’s season of The Bachelor.

No word yet on when Bachelor In Paradise will kick off, but we have no doubt that it’s coming soon!

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