Bachelor viewers were introduced to The Bachelor hopefuls last night and one contestant left a lasting if somewhat bizarre impression!

Janey a children’s entertainer coyly giggles her way through her meeting with Richie but it was the crazy eye stare and her answers that could have Janey being remembered for all the wrong reasons. 

The first thing you might notice about Janey, besides the amazing princess dress is that she has very large brown eyes and a generous smile. Clearly the brunette ‘princess’ is a bit nervous as she demurely moves her head to the side and stares into the eyes of her Prince Charming. During the exchange Richie asks her what she wants out of the experience, her reply with a bountiful supply of giggling and crazy eyes, replies ‘I think you’re really handsome and I would like to date you.’ So hang on let’s just pause here…

Women all over Australia could be heard collectively gasping at this moment as they imagine storming the Bachelor mansion to push Janey out of the way and give Richie the answer he deserves, which is to make a heartfelt connection to the woman of his dreams, namely them.

Reading Janey’s bio, she admits that her ultimate hero is Cinderella whom she tries to emulate because “She believes in everything and reminds me to always have courage and be kind.’  Well, that clears up the demure way Janey has been staring at Richie. 

But, could Richie, an oil rig worker, be taken in by this real-life Cinderella? Well we think, Richie seemed oddly charmed by ‘Cinderella’ especially as Janey moves on to the mansion she plays on losing her shoe (sound familiar?). Richie then remarks: ‘Oh you lost your shoe.’

Janey sweetly responds with ‘Haven’t you seen this movie before, Richie, it’s my fairytale moment.’


Watch the awkward exchange below.

The Bachelor Australia continues Wednesday’s, at 7.30pm on Network 10. 

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