During an interview with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, The Bachelor’s Blake Garvey was confronted with an alarming bombshell about one of the contestants when an anonymous caller phoned in.

The anonymous caller said he worked for a website, “which I won’t reveal,” and asked Blake if he had any comments about the claims.

“I think you know what’s going on, and you have some information you’d like to share,” he asked Blake.

While the anonymous caller wouldn’t say who or what, there was insinuation the bachelorette, who is one of the remaining five contestants, had a scandalous background.

While Bachie claims he had no idea what old mate anonymous caller was asking about, it was a different story when Kyle and Jackie O questioned last night’s evictee, Laurina about the scandal.

“I have heard something along the grapevine, but obviously I’m not at liberty to say… You’re just going to have to put two and two together,” she told Kyle and Jackie O

Laurina said she wasn’t sure if Blake was telling the truth as to whether he knew about the background…


Listen to Laurina’s chat with Kyle and Jack below:

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