If you thought the Blake Garvey / Sam Frost references had finally come to a close, well think again. 

Drive.com.au have played off the former Bachelor couple’s public breakup that sent him into the arms of third runner up Louise Pillage in their new advertising campaign. 

The video clip plays off Blake’s aim to choose the right choice, first time around…. 


(Sorry Sam Frost!)

The clip is full of digs including “Choosing the right one, it’s not easy… get it wrong and remorse will fill you, like the carnation petals fill this basket.”

The premise rests on the idea that drive.com.au gives you all the information you need to know before you buy, so there’s no surprises or remorse. 

It seems Garvey is still happy with his second choice on The Bachelor, with girlfriend Pillidge posting the following to Instagram.

Tuesday night fun #Perth #KingsPark #Penthouse #Launch #Fashion #montericco #Tuesday #Love #Winter 🌻

A photo posted by Louise Pillidge (@louisepillidge) on


Meanwhile, Sam Frost is on a social media lockdown, currently filming The Bachelorette series as she continues her search for love.

Let’s hope it’s love for her second time round as well! 

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