Parents have revealed how they were using an online baby monitor in their three-year-old son’s room until he began complaining about someone talking to him at night.

At first the couple just assumed their son was being a typical toddler and imagining things. 

Until one night they also heard voices coming from the baby monitor.

The father heard, “wake-up little boy, daddy’s looking for you.” 

Then later, when the mother walked into their son’s room they heard the hackers saying “look Someone’s coming… someone is coming into view.” 

After the incidents they called ‘Foscam’ the company that sold the monitor, asking how this could happen. They were told that unfortunately, the camera can be hacked into and controlled by someone else. The company couldn’t provide any information however as to where the hackers were coming from.

The only word of advice the couple received was to make sure they change their passwords frequently to lessen the chance of this continually happening.



Source: RedBook

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