If you thought Kyle and Jackie’s ‘Am I The Best Sex’ segment was awkward, just WAIT until you hear what went down in their latest segment called ‘Background Check’.

How it works is that we bring in a relatively new couple, give out a few of their details on air and ask anyone who recognises them to call us up and dish some dirt on them that their partner might not know about.

And as you can imagine, some pretty awkward stuff gets brought up. Well awkward for the couple, HILARIOUS for us.

Today was a prime example of this. Adam and his girlfriend Zoe, who have been dating for a few months, came on the air to play (and before you ask why anyone would put themselves through this, they win a guaranteed $1000 and go in the running to win a trip to Spain) and they were clearly nervous before we even started taking calls.

And no wonder why! While some pretty embarrassing secrets came out about Zoe (such as the time she had a “hotdog” eating contest in a hot tub with two guys and another girl…and no, this contest didn’t involve food…) they were NOTHING in comparison to the bomb that was dropped about her boyfriend Adam.


We knew that something juicy was about to come out when Adam’s friend Justin hopped on the line. He said that his gossip was so bad that we should probably mute Zoe’s headphone’s before he said it. (Of course we didn’t do this)

Anyway, Justin explained that he and Adam had been on a night out at a hotel when they ended up partying with a bunch of cougars. One thing led to another, and Adam ended up bringing one of them home with him. But the next morning, things took a surprising turn.

“We did a bit of intel the next morning through Facebook,” explained Justin with a hint of glee in his voice. “Next thing you know it’s one of Zoe’s mum’s friend!”

Well we tell ya you could’ve cut the tension in that studio with a knife after that! Find out exactly how Zoe reacted to the pretty disturbing news that her boyfriend had previously slept with her mum’s mate in the video above!

We bet you know how Kyle reacted though. “High five brother,” he said.

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