Get ready NSW, it’s voting weekend!

But before you gather up your family, jump in the car and head to your nearest polling booth to line up and cast your vote for our state government on Saturday, you’d best read this!

Let’s be real, while we understand that voting is very important, no one really enjoys having to take time out of their precious weekend to wait in line.

But not to worry! Did you know that there’s actually some VERY simple ways for you to have your say in the election all while avoiding the queue?

That’s right, you can actually vote early in the election and you have the option to do so both in person or online!

If you want to vote early in person you’d better be quick because this closes at the end of today!

To find your nearest early voting location and the opening hours, visit the NSW Elections website, select the relevant election event and select the ‘Unable to vote on election day’ section.


The website claims that you must be eligible to vote early and you can find out if you count here.

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If you want to avoid travelling to vote completely, you can actually vote early online or over the telephone using iVote!

You can find out if you are eligible for iVote here, and you can vote using this program up until 1pm on election day.

To use this voting system, call 1300 2 iVote (1300 24 86 83) or visit the iVote website to apply.


More information on this method is available on the NSW Elections website.

You’re welcome everyone! Although by using the early voting systems you will miss out on the very important voting day sausage sizzle… But that’s up to you to decided if saving yourself some time is worth it!

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