Recently, Jackie sold a Givenchy handbag she’d bought online on eBay.

You can imagine her surprise when the buyer got in touch with her and asked her if she knew that the handbag was in actual fact, fake?!

Shocked, Jackie realised she had been duped! She swiftly returned the woman’s money and got the bag back so that she could check out the authenticity.

She called in the experts – and today we had Jane from authenticity specialists Blue Spinach on air to give Jackie the results.

It turned out Jackie’s bag was… a fake! Damn!


So Jackie asked Jane to explain what to look out for so we know how to spot a fake.

Check the name plate
The little name plate on the inside could be a good indicator, simply make sure the designer name plate looks of a good quality. For e.g. check that the spelling is correct, the engraving is straight.

Look at the overall quality
Check out the lining of the bag, is it of a good quality? Is the way its stiched in satisfactory?

Inspect the zipper
Well, the back of the zipper. Most zippers have a brand engraved on the back, and most designers use a particular company or manufacturer for their zippers.

If you’re buying online, ask for photos
Ask the seller to send you photos of the tagging on the inside of the bag and any authenticity documentation.

Buying a certain bag? These tips might help…


Louis Vuitton date stamp inside all their products, so make sure there’s a date stamp on any Louis Vuitton item you purchase.

Chanel items have two codes that need to match. A code on the authenticity card and a code inside the bag as well. Mismatched codes are a great indication that the item is a fake.

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