Olympics, schmolympics.

The real competition is about to go down in Las Vegas at the Ultimate Dodgeball Championships.

And Australia is representing!

The Melbourne Dodgeball team, led by Ryan McLaughlin, were crowned Australia’s Ultimate Dodgeball Champions in Alexandria after flying back-and-forth from Melbs to Sydney for 12 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS.

The dedication paid off, and the seven-strong group have now headed to the US to compete at an international level.

“I guess when you compare the level of commitment our team has had to undertake to qualify… and the added pressure that comes with potentially losing due to the financial burden, I suppose it is a true underdog story,” McLoughlin said.


But for anyone hoping for a real-life Dodgeball situation, the Melbournian has some bad news.

“We’re really trying to shake the movie tag in general in order to be seen as a legitimate sport in the public eye,” he admitted. 

“There are definitely no outrageous costumes, or purple cobra dance movies at the competitive level, when you’ve got three balls all coming at your head.”

McLaughlin and his team – Ryan Watson, Luke Price, Joel Garrett, Desmond Onwumere, Craig Payne and Marc Cizravi – stand to take home a cash prize of $50,000 if they can fend off competition from more than 50 other sides.

And they’re quietly confident they have what it takes.

“If we adhere to our strategies, and play as a team, we can take it down,” McLaughlin finished.


Good luck guys!

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