Australia’s heaviest man has lost a third of his body weight and learned to walk again.

Andre Nasr peaked at 468kg and was suffering from pneumonia and severe infections between his skin folds, and had been trapped in his home for three years as he was bed-bound.

A team of over 20 firefighters cut a hole in the front of his house to get him out, and since being admitted to hospital last July, Andre has managed to lose 174kg.

He has also learned to stand and walk again, with the help of a walking aid, and has had his calorie intake drastically reduced.

Andre’s wife, Natasha, said that he owes obesity physician Dr Nic Kormas his life.

She also blamed her husband’s weight problems on his parents, claiming that when she refused to feed him, he would simply call his mother, who would come over and give him food through the window.


At the height of his obesity, Andre was eating over 20 pieces of KFC chicken in one sitting, and drinking up to six litres of soft drink a day.

The father-of-one now admits, “I was eating myself to death.”

He is now learning to control his eating habits.

Around 1000 morbidly obese people in Australia are trapped in their homes, unable to leave because of their size.

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