Australian SUmmer is never as straightforward as ‘suns out, buns out’

The east coast is set to be lashed with the most severe thunderstorms in nine months, with residents preparing to evacuate towns in the path of a cyclone.   

Forecasters warn that Thursday, December 13th 2018 will be the most intense weather event since March 2018.

A cyclone watch is current from the Northern Territory’s Cape Shield to Burketown in Queensland, including Groote Eylandt and Mornington Island.

About 80 council staff on Mornington Island have been evacuated from homes not built to withstand a wild weather event, while other residents have also left. 

Residents who are staying behind have been warned to prepare for the worst.   

‘It’s time for people to make sure they’ve got plenty of supplies to last them a period of time. They also need to make sure their yards and accommodation are cleaned,’ Mornington Shire chief executive Frank Mills told ABC radio on Tuesday.


‘Anything that can become a missile in strong winds needs to be stacked away.’


Sydney                                                         Melbourne

Tuesday: Min 19, Max 23, Rain                        Tuesday: Min 12, Max 24, Sunny

Wednesday: Min 19, Max 24, Rain                   Wednesday: Min 14, Max 33, Rain

Thursday: Min 20, Max 26, Storm                    Thursday: Min 21, Max 23, Storm

Friday: Min 21, Max 28, Rain                           Friday: Min 18, Max 22, Rain

Saturday:  Min 21, Max 27, Rain                      Saturday: Min 15, Max 25, Storm

Brisbane                                                               Adelaide

Tuesday: Min 20, Max 30, Cloudy                   Tuesday: Min 15, Max 35, Sunny

Wednesday: Min 20, Max 30, Cloudy              Wednesday: Min 24, Max 33, Rain

Thursday: Min 20, Max 31, Sunny                  Thursday: Min 14, Max 29, Rain 

Friday: Min 22, Max 30, Storm                       Friday: Min 12, Max 20, Rain

Saturday: Min 22, Max 29, Storm                   Saturday: Min 15, Max 24, Rain

SOURCE: Bureau of Meteorology 

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