Perth identical twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque have admitted to sharing more than just their looks. The sisters who have spent more than $250,000 on cosmetic surgery made headlines last year, after admitting they not only shared a job, but a boyfriend!

The twins have admitted to spending thousands on lip fillers, breast implants, laser treatments and microdermabrasion in an attempt to stay identical. Despite their infamous appearance, the women have made a shocking confession to New Idea, revealing they will be returning to a ‘more natural and healthy’ look.

“What we thought was pretty… we find ugly now,” they explained.

The women told the magazine they have been suffering from body dysmorphia and were taking antidepressants to combat the disorder. While they’ve admitted to their disorder, they says it’s hard to break the habit.

“We look for flaws in each other every day,” Lucy told the magazine. 


‘We’re ashamed about what we did to ourselves, but we’re owning it and embracing our diagnosis,’ she continued.  

Despite the shock confession the sister confirmed they’re still dating electrical mechanic Ben and plan to marry him. Stay tuned! t

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