Your body changes after pregnancy, that is just fact.

Melbourne-based ‘Mum on the Run’ blogger, Laura, recently addressed these changes in a before and after post titled ‘Love Makes You Fat.’

‘No, this isn’t a before and after shot of weight loss. But it is a victory story. I write this from my heart. It hurts. On the left – This was my body before kids,’ she wrote below the comparison photo.

‘No stretch marks or scars from belly button piercings. A belly button that was high. A flat stomach. I was always on a diet back then. And this was the best diet I went on. I used to take photos of my progress.

‘Uploading this photo wouldn’t be bad, it’s like me being in a bikini. It’s socially acceptable.’

Laura goes on to explain that she took the progress photos because she will get ‘’closer to an eight where I would love myself.’’


On her diet, Laura said she ate no carbs and ‘barely any vegetables’ and her diet was basically just meat.

‘I loved it because I was losing weight rapidly and the more bones that protruded the more I valued myself,’ she wrote. 

‘I ended up hating meat, and was always suffering from heartburn. But still I looked at this photo, this image of myself, like I was fat. There was nothing wrong with the way I looked. My body was mine.’

Laura says that people told her she looked ‘fit’ and ‘healthy’ and she is coming terms with the fact she is now happy with her body.

‘On the right is me now. Stretch marks. A droopy belly button. Thicker, not many bones protruding, but more dimples that represent cellulite. People don’t want to see this photo,’ Laura continued. 

‘All of a sudden it’s not okay. It’s not pleasing to the eye anymore. It’s not a body to be admired.’


‘The scars and stretch marks and jiggly tummy is because I made humans. I ate a little more cake, I drank a little more wine,’ she explained. 

But the proud mother is sick of feeling bad about herself and is now encouraging mothers to love themselves.

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