Australia’s hottest town recorded a whopping 49C as the nation battles a blistering heatwave. 

Marble Bar, north-western Western Australia, has built its reputation as one of Australia’s hottest towns – which was literally the case on Thursday.  

The minuscule town with the population of 174 residents recorded 48.4C at just 11am.

The Bureau of Meteorology said temperatures peaked at 49.1C in Marble Bar, while large parts of the country continue to swelter through heatwaves.

‘Heatwave conditions occur when both maximum and minimum temperatures remain well above average for the time of year,’ the Bureau said. 

Western Australia was not the only state to stretch over the 40C mark, with a number of other locations bracing the unrelenting temperatures.

The mercury hit 46.8C in Port Augusta and Whyalla, South Australia’s mid north region.


Alice Springs rose to 44C and Adelaide recorded 43.7C. 

Tennant Creek, in the Northern Territory, is about to head into the 28th day where temperatures have risen above 40C.

Forecaster Bradley Wood from the Bureau said the town ‘completely smashes their previous record’.



Friday: Min 21, Max 31, Mostly sunny

Saturday: Min 21, Max 31, Sunny

Sunday: Min 21, Max 31, Sunny

Monday: Min 22, Max 31, Partly cloudy


 Friday: Min 24, Max 39, Very hot. Partly cloudy

Saturday: Min 19, Max 30, Partly cloudy

Sunday: Min 16, Max 29, Possible shower

Monday: Min 15, Max 29, Sunny


Friday: Min 20, Max 30,v Partly cloudy

Saturday: Min 21, Max 30, Partly cloudy

Sunday: Min 22, Max 31, Partly cloudy

Monday: Min 21, Max 31, Partly cloudy


Friday: Min 21, Max 39, Hot and mostly sunny

Saturday: Min 22, Max 38, Hot and mostly sunny

Sunday: Min 22, Max 35, Partly cloudy

Monday: Min 19, Max 31, Shower or two


Friday: Min 22, Max 34, Partly cloudy

Saturday: Min 21, Max 25, Shower or two

Sunday: Min 18, Max 23, Shower or two

Monday: Min 16, Max 24, Partly cloudy


Friday: Min 16, Max 26, Partly cloudy

Saturday: Min 14, Max 28, Sunny

Sunday: Min 16, Max 30, Sunny

Monday: Min 17, Max 32, Sunny 


Friday: Min 16, Max 25, Mostly sunny

Saturday: Min 16, Max 24, Morning rain at times

Sunday: Min 13, Max 23, Possible light morning shower

Monday: Min 13, Max 25, Partly cloudy


 Friday: Min 25, Max 32, Shower or two. Possible storm

Saturday: Min 26, Max 33, Shower or two. Possible storm

Sunday: Min 25, Max 33, Shower or two. Storm likely

Monday: Min 25, Max 33, Shower or two. Possible storm


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