Ever since I can remember, I’ve been WISHING Sydney would become the kind of state that was rife with theme parks.

Up north they’ve got Movie World, Dream World, SeaWorld, and Whitewater world – and down here we’ve got what – Luna Park?

It’s cute, and sets Sydney Harbour off right, but crazy cool rides? It’s DEFINITELY missing that.

So when I heard that there was a plan to construct a new theme park in Western Sydney, I was PSYCHED!

Worlds of Wonder has been dubbed ‘the new Wonderland’, but really it’s much more than that.


Word on the street is, the operations manager for DISNEY WORLD is getting involved!!!! The manager, David Bakas, told Daily Telegraph he’ll use some of the ride set-ups from the site – the now defunct Wonderland Sydney – as a base for new rides but will incorporate new technology into the mix.

“Technology has changed so drastically between decades. Wonderland was designed in the late 1970s. What we have available now is on such a different level.”

David said he’s been working on a master plan for the park by researching other spots around the world.

The Western Sydney park will include rides, resort hotels, a shopping precint, and a water park – and will be here in 2021!

Source: Daily Telegraph

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