As Australia day approaches prepare to say goodbye to this stormy and humid weather Sydney and say g’day mate to gorgeous sunshine as our weather forecast for the big day is looking absolutely tip top!

That is if you like the heat…

Weather you’re planning a family barbecue, a picnic or a beach trip you don’t need to worry about packing a raincoat or brolly but we would suggest a portable fan or spray bottle with the sun set to really shine this Saturday.

In the Sydney city area we’re looking at a hot and mostly sunny day with tops of 31 degrees. Those out west however are set to see an absolute scorcher with the sunny weather set to bring another heatwave to places like Penrith, Richmond and Parramatta that are all looking at pushing close 40 degrees.

The hot and sunny weather is set to continue into Sunday with top temperatures of 34 degrees in the city and a whopping 43 degrees out West, with just a slight chance of a shower in the early evening.

The public holiday on Monday will see the heat continue but with a bit more cloud cover and the chance of showers across the day.

The city is looking at tops of 27 degrees while the Penrith area is looking at 33.


So with that weather forecast in mind, if you haven’t made your plans yet for the long Weekend and Australia Day celebrations we would highly suggest something involving a pool, the ocean or some strong air-con!

Stay cool out there Sydney!

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